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Mammoth Pictures is a full-service motion picture company. Mammoth develops and produces high concept feature films and shorts in a multitude of genres, with a heavy footprint in dark thrillers. Mammoth is currently developing and producing a slate of both commercial and prestige films, with an intent focus on discovering humanity within every story. Putting the right team in place to produce highly intelligent films and get them into distribution, Mammoth collaborates with some of the most talented and experienced creatives in the industry. Mammoth has a high volume slate of feature films, though Mammoth is currently accepting submissions for horror, thriller and suspense scripts. 

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Who We Are



Kourosh Ahari is a director and producer whose work has been featured at multiple international film festivals. A recent work, Malaise (short) went on to win several awards, including Best Picture. His directorial debut feature, The Yellow Wallpaper, is based on the famous short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman of the same name. Graduating at the top of his class and receiving an Excellence in Film Directing award, Kourosh continues to excel as a visionary director/producer with an incredible aptitude for exploring the human condition. His vision and attention to subtleties in human connections allow him to capture worlds within the worlds of his films. At his core he is a storyteller and tells visual stories with passion, truth, and a human touch.


Alex Bretow

Alex Bretow is a producer whose work has won awards and been selected at several Academy-Qualifying festivals. He got his start at the Emmy Award-winning Bodega Studios, and worked his way up. With no film program at his wine-country university, Alex created one, finding a relatively unknown broadcast class that he revitalized into a full-fledged film studio. Alex then produced four films that were presented at Cannes Court Métrage, of which one, Bobby, went on to win Best Drama at Terminus Film Festival. A number of his films have appeared in other festivals, including Generations, which was supported by Tom Hanks. Alex has a deep love for the art of filmmaking and strives to tell stories that resonate deeply with people and leave a lasting impression.